BitSummit 2022, 2023 Official Selection
Fukuoka Indie Game Expo Rookie Award(Second place)

 Launched in Steam 2024

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XEARZ is a side-scrolling action game.
It contains platforming and light Metroidvania-like elements.
The player progresses through stages using melee attacks, subweapons, a variety of guns, and skill.
The main feature of XEARZ is that although it is a side-scrolling game, the map has depth, and you can enjoy attacking,
defending, and exploring with the depth of the map by jumping across multiple planes with a single button press.

― Story ―

Humanity has made tremendous progress in the fields of AI and robotics, the results of which have led to the production of highly intelligent androids.
In this new era, ideological conflicts about the relationship between humans and androids have intensified.
Some saw androids as a type of human, recognizing their consciousness and ability to make emotional and ethical decisions,
They were pursuing the possibility of coexistence. The partisans who advocated this view actively embraced technological advances and advocated a cooperative symbiosis between androids and humans.

In contrast, however, there was a faction that viewed androids as mechanical beings and treated them differently from humans.
They pointed out the potential danger that androids equipped with advanced AI posed to humans and argued for the need to limit them in human society.
This faction took a cautious position on the development and use of androids, emphasizing clear boundaries between humans and androids.

The ideological conflict gradually increased tensions and caused political friction.
Threats from enemy nations also added to this complicated situation, and there were reports of various androids infiltrating the country as spies.
The evolution of androids and the accompanying changes in human society were presenting a new dimension in national security.

The government was busy trying to resolve ideological conflicts within the country while promoting stricter control and monitoring of androids.
At the same time, scientists and ethicists were working to establish new frameworks and norms for the coexistence of humans and androids.
The future was moving toward uncharted territory, and many unanswered questions hung in the air about how the fusion of humans and androids would change society.

― System Requirements ―

OS: Windows® 10, 11
Processor: core i3 4330
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX750
Storage: 3GB

OS: Windows® 10, 11
Processor: core i3 4330
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: GTX1050
Storage: 3GB

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